Sermons on the go.

Watch or listen to a vast sermon archive from Gateway Church. Find and bookmark or even download your favorite sermons from Pastor Robert Morris and others.

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Sermons FAQ

Yes! You can take notes while you are attending a service in the Gateway Church App. Select Spiritual Formation, then select Sermon Notes. The most recent sermon notes are at the top of the screen, so the notes for the current weekend will be at the top and will be available before the first Saturday service. 

You will see the sermon outline and scripture references. You can select any scripture reference and read the verses in the app, then easily go back to the sermon notes. You can takes notes by selecting Add Comment. Your notes will be saved for you to view at any time in the future.

First, select Sermons. Next, select the half circle pull-down icon at the top of the screen and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Speaker from the menu, and you will see a list of all speakers. Select a speaker and you will see a list of all sermons from that speaker.

When you download a sermon, the audio file of the sermon will be saved to your device. The next time you want to listen to this sermon, simply go to the Downloads section and select the sermon. The sermon will play from your device rather than being streamed.

Once you play a video or audio file and then go to another section in the App, you will see a minimized media player on the left of your screen. This will allow you to continue browsing the App, while still listening to a sermon, teaching or other media file. You can easily pause the audio by touching the play button on the minimized media player. To resume play, simply touch the pause icon.

You may also move the minimized media player so you can easily view other content in the App. Simply slide it up or down at your convenience to move it out of the way.
Sliding the minimized media player to the right will open up the full media player. From this screen, you can fully control your listening experience.